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Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra Concert on
October 23rd at 7:30pm - 7141 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montreal, QC, H4B 1R6
Irish Eyes - 100 years to a birth of a nation

Irish Eyes October 2016

This concert has been postponed due to unforseen complications.

Will keep you posted regarding a future date. All purchases will be refunded.

April 8th 2015. Concert at the Chevra "Song of Songs"

Song of Songs"Song of Songs", is the first concert of its kind in Montreal, presenting Classical music, Cantorial music, Ladinosongs, Klezmer, and Israeli music.

The evening was an emense success!

March 21st 2015. Concert at the Théâtre Rialto "Irish Eyes"

Irish EyesOn March 21, 2015 – The Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra (MWSO), under the conductorship of Joseph Milo, is pleased to present their concert entitled, “Irish Eyes”

The evening was a great success!

Press Highlights Our story

Montreal is, every year, the host city for thousands of new immigrants arriving from the world over. The Montreal Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra is composed of musicians that reflect the ethnic, religious and national diversity that is now the fabric of our city.

The orchestra speaks only one language, but one that is understood by everybody, wherever they come from: MUSIC. The goal of the orchestra is to serve as an example of peaceful and hamonious integration of multiple cultures in a diverse society through the arts.

Dans un monde de turbulence et de mésentente, cet orchestre de musiciens à l’image des Nations Unies, en colportant leurs messages de coopération et de paix par la musique, vient redonner l’espoir au monde d’un climat harmonieux et vivable pour tous.Marcel Tremblay

En effet, en créant l'OSMM, vous avez donné à des nouveaux arrivants la chance unique de s'intégrer à leur société d'accueil à travers la pratique de la musique. Vous participez ainsi activement à deux sphères essentielles au développement et à la prospérité de Montréal, soit l'integration des immigrants et les arts.Michel LeblancPresident, Montreal Chamber of Commerce

Experience unique sur la planete, l’Orchestre symphonique des musiciens di monde regroupe des musiciens classiques issus de la diversite. L’initiative a vu le jour allors que Joseph Milo et Lucy Ravinsky ont entrepris de regrouper des artistes montrealais qui ne peuvent etres embauches pas des orchestres reconnus.Yves BernardLe Jumele 2009

While the newspapers are full of talk of reasonable accomodation and how best to integrate immigrants in Quebec, there are a number of organizations that have – quietly and solidly – been doing just that all along…..the Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra…Toula FoscolosTranscontinental 2007

Six years ago Mr. Milo, the conductor was speaking with the doorman in the building where we reside. This gentleman said that he was the principal cellist in the Moscow Symphony. He explained that he was grateful for his new home, however very unhappy and disillusioned regarding his inability to find a way into what he described as a ‘çlosed’ musical scene in Montreal. He had no contacts and there was far too much competition. A few weeks later a similar situation happened when a pizza delivery man seeing Mr. Milo’s piano, mentioned that he was a violinist by profession who played in the Bucharest opera orchestra and was newly arrived in Montreal looking desperately for orchestral playing opportunities.

It was that day that Mr. Milo suggested we try and create a Symphony Orchestra; as he was in fact a conductor, and I had managed the McGill Chamber Orchestra in the past. This ensemble would be expressly for the benefit of the professional immigrant musicians in Montreal; as an illustration of our ’integration’ capabilities while returning to them, their professional dignity.

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Song of Songs Concert Part 1

Song of Songs Concert Part 3

Song of Songs Concert Part 2

Irish Eyes Concert Part 1

Irish Eyes Concert Part 2

Irish Eyes Concert Part 3

G. Gershwin - Rhapsody In Blue

Joy to the world, December 2011: TCHAIKOVSKY- Trepak/Russian Dance

Beethoven Triple Concerto - 1st movement

Joy to the world, December 2011: TCHAIKOVSKY- Waltz of the Flowers


Recording of the soundtrack for " Du Big Bang au Vivant" at CBC studio 12

J. Strauss- Blue Danube Waltz

Mozart-Magic Flute

nuit blanche 2011

J.S Bach- Toccata and Fugue in D minor


Mussorgsky-Night on Bald Mountain


P. Dukas- The sorcerer's apprentice

Handel- Hallelujah Chorus

Tribute to Richard Rodgers

Verdi- La Traviata (Brindisi-Labiamo)

A.L. Webber- All I ask of you (Phantom of the opera)

E.Kalman - Vassilo's song (Tassilo)-(Komm Zygan)

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