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  • Administration
  • Linda Rand-Musicians Manager
  • Anna Levitina-Librarian
  • Lucy Ravinsky –Executive Director

    Lucy Ravinsky has worked in the area of event mangement for several years. She has notably been the director of the McGill Chamber Orchestra. Since its creation in 2005, she is acting executive director of the Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra. She ensures the management of public and private finance, operations and communications. She is also responsible for the strategic plan and development of the orchestra with Maestro Milo and is completely devoted to the mission of the ensemble. Lucy Ravinsky has a degree in Psychology from Concordia University and is a published author of articles, poetry and books.

  • First Violins
  • Claude Gelineau**
  • Venus Fu
  • Marcel Roscovan
  • Eugene Robitaille
  • Ion Zacon
  • Anton Kaioukov
  • Gulbustan Sadvakassova
  • Natalia Lushpa
  • Eugeniu Ciutac
  • Veronica Ungureanu
  • Astrit Goxhaj
  • Second Violins
  • Istvan Lakatos*
  • Joshua Zubot
  • Chi Tian
  • Codru Carvachi
  • Anna Levitina
  • Claude Gelineau
  • Jung mi Shin
  • Wei Mao
  • Chantal Parent
  • Violas
  • Lara Pundik*
  • Alexis Dale
  • Melissa Claisse
  • Eva Shahbazian
  • Julia Edwards
  • Lim Kok Wei
  • Cellos
  • Dmitry Babich*
  • Loredana Zanca
  • Joanne Grant
  • Richard Wyce
  • Julie-Odile Gauthier
  • Sonia Matoussova
  • Jeremy Cloutier
  • Double Bass
  • Ioan Feher*
  • Artem Volkov
  • Jeong Yeoul Lee
  • Jean Felix Mailloux


  • Flutes
  • Claude Brodeur*
  • Anik Lachance
  • Oboes
  • Assyl Zhakypbec*
  • Catharine Calderone
  • English Horn
  • Keiko Otani
  • Clarinets
  • Radu Covaciu*

    Born on March 14th, 1981 in Cehu Silvaniei, Romania, he started to study the clarinet at the age of 11 at the School of Arts, Baia Mare and he finished his musical education at the University of Oradea obtaining the Bachelor degree in musical interpretation and a Masters degree in educational management. All this years he had the privilege to study the clarinet with some of the best romanian clarinet teachers such as Marc Gusti, Petru Dobanda, Gheorghe Calinescu and Ioan Goila who have contributed to his development as a musician and as a performer also, helping him to win important prices and diplomas at national music contests.

    While still a student he collaborated with the Oradea State Philharmonic Orchestra for two years and after the graduation he obtained the clarinet teacher position at the School of Arts, Baia Mare and first clarinet at EuroArt Camerata for another two years.

    In September 2006 he immigrated to Montreal with the intent to pursue his musical career and since January 2007 he is a clarinet player for The Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra, Les Virtuoses de Montreal Orchestra, Transylvania Orchestra (2008) and music teacher for English Montreal School Board (2009).

  • Alexzandru Sorin Oancea
  • Bassoons
  • Linda Rand*
  • Patricia McMullen
  • Joelle Amar


  • French Horn
  • Matin Muscaliuc Vasile*
  • Marion Butler
  • Christian David Dufour
  • Guillaume Hetu
  • Trumpets
  • Brad Rogers*
  • Ryan Frizzell
  • Bill Mahar
  • Trombones
  • Bill Booth*
  • Gagik Avagyan
  • Vivian Fournier Gamache
  • Tuba
  • Bill Bowles*
  • Percussion
  • Robert Slapcoff*
  • Terrence Lacroix-Cummins
  • Harp
  • Danielle Habel*
  • Isabeau Corriveau
  • Piano
  • Mariana Muscaliuc

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